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    Xeon-D Embedded SoC - 10G Questions

    patrickdietrich Green Belt

      I've got a few questions related to the Xeon-D specifically related to its networking capabilities. 


      Let’s use the Intel® Xeon® Processor D-1577 as an example.  Intel and its COM module vendor partners list that they support 2 x 10GBASE-KR “ports” from the processor SoC.


      On our design we plan on interfacing these out to SFP+ cages via an SFI interface, which would need to be done via a PHY device.  We are planning on using the MicroSemi/Vitesse VSC8257 device for this function but we are having a hard time determining if this would be a supported device.


      Q1) Can you please confirm if the Xeon-D SoC’s MAC will support this PHY? (http://www.microsemi.com/products/ethernet-solutions/ethernet-phys/10g-ethernet-phys/vsc8257-quad-channel-1g-10gbase-kr-to-sfi-ethernet-wis-phy-with-veritime )


      Q2) Would you be able to confirm what is the actual MAC Device Type or  “MAC-class” that is actually contained within the Xeon-D SoC?  Is it as 82599 type, X55x type, XL710 type???  Just trying to get a handle on what the driver support will be for the MAC as well as what PHYs are supported. 


      Q3) From our initial research it appears that Inphi are the only ones that seems to be built-in to the driver CS4223, CS4227. Can you confirm or deny this?  And specifically if any other vendors PHYs can be used with the Xeon-D without major software modifications.


      Thank You!