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    Innovative fastener - reduce Drone weight, improve performance

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      I am sending this note to introduce a highly innovative fastener solution born from breakthrough technology development.  This breakthrough, named “Spiral Logic” approached a process paradigm in injection molding, resulting in a process transformation.  


      One of many potential and highly beneficial outcomes, is a plastic bolt. 


      It exhibits the following properties that may be of substantial benefit to your flying machines (Drones):

      Ø  The mechanical strength of the plastic is equivalent to aluminum

      Ø  Positive attributes of this plastic in addition to the mechanical strength are:

      o       Half the weight of aluminum

      o       High heat durability, up to 200C

      o       Very good heat isolation/low thermal conductivity

      o       Very good slippage

      o       No rust/oxide formation



      Can you provide a person and contact information so that I can properly introduce this unique fastener solution?



      Thank you and best regards,