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    Problem with intefacing i210 to SGMII 1000BASE-T SFP module

    Eugene_Komarov Community Member



      We are developing  device that have an i210 connected to SGMII SFP module.


      After assembling device, the i210 detected by host processor(also on device) as

      "I210 Blank NVM Device" with device id 0x1531.


      After that, we flashing attached flash with eeupdate tool with following commad:

      eeupdate.exe /nic=1 /data="Dev_Start_I210_Sgmii_NOMNG_16Mb_A2_3.25_0.03.bin".


      After successfuly flashing, i210 not detecting by any driver including one for eeupdate(it disappears from eeupdate output).

      We also tried Dev_Start_I210_SerdesKX_NOMNG_16Mb_A2_3.25_0.03.bin and Dev_Start_I210_Fiber_NOMNG_16Mb_A2_3.25_0.03.bin

      firmware files. In first case device detected by driver as "Intel(R) I210 Gigabit Backplane Connection", but connected network(via SFP) is unreachable.

      In second case i210 was not detected by drivers at all.


      Also on that device is second I210 that works with copper media. We flashed it in the way described above with Dev_Start_I210_Copper_NOMNG_16Mb_A2_3.25_0.03.bin,

      and it works properly.


      How can we make i210 work with SGMII SFP?


      Additional info:

      OS: Windows 7

      SFP module: P-Link based on Marvell 88E1111

      Driver version:

      EEUPDATE version:

      Attached flash: ST M25P128