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    Lewisburg PCH SKUs

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      I am using Lewisburg C621 for my design and there are two reference designs I have (Wolf pass 0.7 and NC_PO_EXT_1V2). In each document the PCIE/SATA are connected to a different port of PCH for an M2 connector to PCH connection.

      I was wondering if there is any document giving information on how many SATA/PCIE each SKU can support and if there are certain SATA/PCIE ports in each SKU that are not supported.

      My design is delayed due to this and I am not sure if the ports I am using are actually supported by C621. I am using ports SATA/PCIE(8) to SATA/PCIE(11), but the Wolf pass 0.7 is using SATA/PCIE (4) to SATA/PCIE (7).

      Also they are connecting SATA0 of M2 to port 7 (they are basing using lane reversal). If I am connecting to ports SATA/PCIE(8) to SATA/PCIE(11), should I also use lane reversal or can I even use them for C621?


      Thanks a lot,