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    XL710 eeprom image

    marcshadish Community Member

      I am looking for a way to update the EEPROM image for a single lane XL710.  We are developing a custom PCB using the IC purchased from arrow electronics but have been unable to locate a way to obtain the EEPROM image or .bin file. For now we have taken the physical EEPROM chip off a purchased card from Amazon and everything appears to work. We have a 10G link up with throughputs in the 800MB/s. this process is very time consuming and costly, so it will not be ideal during production. Also this image is from a dual lane chip so we have a second lane showing up in Linux which is phantom. Ive heard EEUPDATE or the NVM tool is capable of programming the EEPROM in system but at this point even the image for a single lane chip would be sufficient as we can program the chip before it is soldered in place. Any help is appreciated, thanks.