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    braswell hot-plug pcie

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      In datasheet " Express Card Hot-Plug Events":

      A full Hot-plug Controller is not implemented.

      Presence detection occurs when a PCI Express* device is plugged in and power is

      supplied. The physical layer will detect the presence of the device, and the root port will

      set the SLSTS.PDS and SLSTS.PDC bits.


      if only :

      SLCAP --> Hot-Plug Capable (HPC) & Hot-Plug Surprise (HPS) is set.

      SLCTL_SLSTS --> Hot-Plug Interrupt Enable (HPE) & Presence Detect Changed Enable (PDE) is  set


      SLSTS.PDS and SLSTS.PDC is set when detection ?

      But training pcie is executed while detection or we must launch manually training ?


      In my case, i have fpga already connected, but not loaded with firmware. i can use hot plug detection, when fpga loaded ?


      i tested:

      set CLIST_XCAP.SI = 1

      1/ check before  load fpga slsts.pds & slsts.pdc == 1

      2/ load fpga

      3/ check after , slsts.pds & slsts.pdc == 1


      Why before load fpga pds = 1 ? how to working detection ?


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