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    Apollo Lake boot image stitching fails at Iunit.bin

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      I am following the steps in the Intel Firmware Support Package for Apollo Lake SoC MR2 (Kit # 566285) Release Notes to stitch a boot loader image for the Oxbow Hill CRB. I am using Apollo_Lake_CB_MR1 coreboot code to generate the FVIBBL.Fv, FVIBBM.Fv and FVOBB.Fv files required by BlStitch.bat. I downloaded the rest of the files required by BlStitch.bat, as stipulated in the release notes mentioned above. However, the bootloader image fails to stitch... Stitch.log provides the following error information:


      Error 42: [Ifwi Actions] Failed to load input file. Format appears invalid: IUnit Binary File: C:\BlStitch\CSE\\APLI\FIT\input\IUnit.bin

      Error 5: [CsmeBinaryGen] Error executing pre-build actions.

      Error 15: Failed to build.

      Error 5007: Build Failed!


      Prior to stitching, for the Iunit.bin, I used the camera-40.14393.9748.2965-rx64-apl release which is included in Apollo Lake Windows 10 RS1 x64 PR1 WW43 Best Known Configuration (BKC). I renamed cpd_component_signed.bin to Iunit.bin and moving it to the required folder location, naming the folder "2016.14393.9748.2965" and updating BlStitch.bat appropriately.


      Please advise if I should be using a different camera sensor binary, or am I using the binary wrong?


      I also tried to change the Iunit settings in the BlStitch.bat to see if it would make a difference, but it still gives the same error.


      Please help?