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    Apollo Lake boot image stitching fails at Iunit.bin

    Tahnia Green Belt



      I am following the steps in the Intel Firmware Support Package for Apollo Lake SoC MR2 (Kit # 566285) Release Notes to stitch a boot loader image for the Oxbow Hill CRB. I am using Apollo_Lake_CB_MR1 coreboot code to generate the FVIBBL.Fv, FVIBBM.Fv and FVOBB.Fv files required by BlStitch.bat. I downloaded the rest of the files required by BlStitch.bat, as stipulated in the release notes mentioned above. However, the bootloader image fails to stitch... Stitch.log provides the following error information:


      Error 42: [Ifwi Actions] Failed to load input file. Format appears invalid: IUnit Binary File: C:\BlStitch\CSE\\APLI\FIT\input\IUnit.bin

      Error 5: [CsmeBinaryGen] Error executing pre-build actions.

      Error 15: Failed to build.

      Error 5007: Build Failed!


      Prior to stitching, for the Iunit.bin, I used the camera-40.14393.9748.2965-rx64-apl release which is included in Apollo Lake Windows 10 RS1 x64 PR1 WW43 Best Known Configuration (BKC). I renamed cpd_component_signed.bin to Iunit.bin and moving it to the required folder location, naming the folder "2016.14393.9748.2965" and updating BlStitch.bat appropriately.


      Please advise if I should be using a different camera sensor binary, or am I using the binary wrong?


      I also tried to change the Iunit settings in the BlStitch.bat to see if it would make a difference, but it still gives the same error.


      Please help?



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          Carlos_A Brown Belt

          Hello, Tahnia:


          Thank you for contacting Intel Embedded Community.


          The information that may help as a reference is stated on page 16 of the Apollolake implementation and Adding new Intel SoC Apollo Lake article.


          We hope that this information may help you.


          Best regards,


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              Tahnia Green Belt

              Hi Carlos,


              As far as I could, I followed the steps detailed in the links you provided.


              However, the original problem was not solved by these links and is still unresolved. The original problem was bypassed by removing the IUnit.bin in the FIT GUI configuration.


              After doing this, the firmware image is compiled successfully and runs. It works fine when using the UEFI 64 bit payload provided by Intel for coreboot (Apollo_Lake_CB_MR1.zip).


              The next problem I run into is that a custom coreboot payload (I tried a few different payloads, e.g. Tianocore, and SeaBIOS), hangs upon entry into the payload. This seems to be due a step I cannot perform due to outdated documentation:

              • Apollolake implementation page 19 step 7 mentions "Update IFD_BIOS_START and IFD_BIOS_END to match ifdtool output".
              • It seems to me the IFD_BIOS_START and IFD_BIOS_END parameters are no longer used and have been removed from coreboot source code - i.e. step 7 above is no longer possible.
              • Please point me to documentation that explains how to perform step 7 (if this step is still applicable) or explains the new, updated equivalent of this step.


              Best regards,