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    About Kabylake U and dedicated MXM graphic card

    mulfycrowh Community Member

      HI everybody.


      We are developing a motherboard around Kabylake U.

      We would like to add a dedicated graphic card : MXM graphic card type A.

      We also have one M.2 SSD and wifi module.

      So we need 16 PCIe lanes for the GPU, 4 for the SSD and one for wifi module, equals 21 lanes.


      CPU only has 12 PCIe lanes.

      It doesn't have any DMI link, so impossible to use an external PCH.

      The only solution we could see is to use 8 lanes for the GPU. Apparently it wouldn't affect the FPS rate (5%). Then 2 lanes for the SSD and 1 for the wifi module.

      It makes 11 PCIe.


      Would you have other idea for that challenge ?

      Thank you.