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    Broadwell DE FSP - MMIOH size

    gera_k Community Member

      It seems that Broadwell-DE FSP sets MMIOH size to 256G as in log fragment below. Is there a way to increase it to, say, 1TB? 8TB?




      Log fragment:


      ******* Common Setup Structure *******

      mmCfgBase: 0x80000000

      mmCfgSize: 0x10000000

      mmiolBase: 0x90000000

      mmiolSize: 0x6C000000

      mmiohBase: 0x00003800-00000000

      mmiohSize: 256 GB

      numaEn: 1

      isocEn: 0

      mesegEn: 0

      dcaEn: 1