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    Command line Capabilities and bugs in LANConf-Tool

    AtomicOne Community Member


      we need a simple Test-Environment for an 10GbE Fiber Ethernet-Switch (Bandwidth / PacketLoss).

      We thought about using two Intel X520-SR2 Cards in combination with the LANConf-Tool.

      Configuring one Interface as an "Simple Responder" the other one for "TXRX" Test.

      So we are able to do a loopback test from one Card over the Fiber-Backbone back to the second card.


      We did some evaluation and it's working well.


      But ...


      LANConf-Tool has very limited capabilities for automation via command line.

      And there seems to be a bug in LANConf-Tool.


      If you passing the "Packets" Parameter to the "TX" command, the following output shows "0" values.

      but while transmitting and pressing "s" for statistics shows the correct values.


      And in the resulting dump file "stats.log", the values for Bandwidth (Max. Avg.) are missing.


      Is there a possibility to enhance command line usage of LANConf-Tool, or is there a better solution for this scenario ?

      We do not need compliance tests or something like that. Just simple Go/NoGo tests for Quality-Assurance after assembly.


      Thanks in advance and Regards,

      Dennis Rohwerder

      Production Support

      Lufthansa Technik AG, Hamburg Germany