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    Documentation for Atom x5-E3940

    DrL Community Member

      I am working on a new board-level system that will be used to demonstrate and provide proof-of-concept of an 'invention' (for lack of a better phrase) I've been fleshing out for a while.  The nature of the invention is such that I need to interact with the signals coming into/out of the processor/SoC I use (i.e. very low level, physical signal level, not through software/firmware, which is why I can't use standard off-the-shelf boards).  After evaluating several options, I have identified the Atom E3940 as the likely best fit solution for my needs.  However, to do what I need to do I need to get the detailed technical information (databooks etc) and that requires privileged access--which I don't have.  I'm not affiliated with a company at the moment, although the proof-of-concept will likely serve as the basis for a startup if all works out the way I want it to. :-)  So my question is, how can I get access to the documentation I need?  I'm more than willing to sign an NDA, I just don't know the process to use as an individual (not a company).  When I called support they told me to post to this community so that's what I'm doing.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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          Hello, DrL:


          Thank you for contacting Intel Embedded Community.


          Some of the information that may help you it is classified as Intel confidential, which requires a CDNA between you and Intel as well as an Embedded Design Center (EDC) Privileged account that should be requested by going to http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/embedded/embedded-design-center-support.html. Then click on “APPLY NOW” found under the heading, “Apply for extras with privileged access to the Intel EDC¹”.


          We suggest you use a business email address to evade any inconvenience. Please avoid the free email provider’s address (such the provided by Hotmail, Gmail, yahoo, or others).


          By the way, the documentation related to the device listed at your first communication can be found at:




          We hope that this information may help you.


          Best regards,


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              DrL Community Member

              Hi Carlos,


              Thanks for the information.  When I follow the link, it redirects to the account support page, where there is no "Apply now" button or a section that says "Apply for extras..." as you noted.


              There is the link to "request a privileged account"...I can certainly go via that link, I'm just wondering what to use for Company Name etc since I'm an individual, not a company (yet).  Do I just put N/A for company name and use my personal information for the rest?  As for the email address, the one I used to register is indeed a private email for a domain I own and not one from any of the standard providers.  It would be my business email if everything works out the way I want it to. :-)


              Thanks also for the link to the technical library--that's actually what started me down this route.  I saw all the documents there but saw that they all required privileged access...