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    Atom E38XX - USB mass storage device issue

    Ananth.PN Community Member

      Hello All,


      We are using Atom E38XX on one of our product, we need USB mass storage device / Pen drive should work with 3 to 4 mtr cable length. ( we need at least one or two port)

      As of now its working fine on only one port (USB_DP3 & USB_DN3), remaining (3+2) ports are not working beyond 1 mtr cable. Low speed devices are working fine on all ports with 5 mtr cable.

      We have taken care of PCB trace length & its diff pair matching, Common mode, ESD, Shielded cables... . We have added USB2 Data Switch (TS3USB221A-Q1) on two USB path (one port where USB mass storage is working with 5 mtr also has this USB2 data sheet)


      Kindly request you all to provide your valuable suggestions / Feedback


      Thanks in-advance.

      Anantha PN

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          Carlos_A Brown Belt

          Hello, Ananth.PN :


          Thank you for contacting Intel Embedded Community.


          In order to be on the same page, we would like to address the following questions:


          Could you please let us know if the affected project has been developed by you or a third party company? In case that it is a design from other company, please provide us all the information related to it.


          On the other hand if it is your design, could you please confirm if it has been developed following the USB guidelines and suggestions stated in chapters 15 and 16, on pages from 210 to 245 of the Intel(R) Atom(TM) Processor E3800 Product Family Platform Design Guide (PDG) document # 512379? On assumption that this document is inaccessible to you, please update your EDC account. To learn more about the benefits of an EDC Privileged account go to http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/embedded/embedded-design-center-support.html. Then click on “APPLY NOW” found under the heading, “Apply for extras with privileged access to the Intel EDC¹”.


          Finally, could you please verify as a reference that your implementation fulfills with the answers of the USB FAQs specifically the Cables and Long-Haul Solutions section? 


          Please let us know all the information requested through the previous questions.


          Best regards,


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              Ananth.PN Community Member

              Dear Carlos,


              Thank you for your speedy response,


              Yes, its our own product designed by us.


              We have EDC account  as well & we have followed PDG USB guidelines during our product design.

              Still we are facing this USB Mass storage device detection issue with USB cable beyond 1mtr,  except one port (USB_DP3 & USB_DN3 with USB2 Data Switch TS3USB221A-Q1 ).


              Best Rgds

              Ananth PN