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    Will I210 get burned after SDP0 and SDP1 are shorted?

    EricLyc Community Member

      Hi all,


      Currently I deal with the i210-ethernet-controller to do some timestamping from it. So, I have shorted the SDP0 and SDP1 in one piece of i210, in ptp folder, there is a file called testptp.c. The command below are what I have entered to generate the PPS from SDP1 and output it to SDP2:

      #gcc testptp.c -o testptp

      #./testptp -L0,1 -i 0

      #./testptp -L1,2 -i 0

      #./testptp -p 1000000000 -i 0

      #./testptp -e 5 -i 0


      and this bring me to no result have been output. After that, i type the command #ifconfig to check if the i210 can be detected, unfortunately, it is cannot be detected anymore no matter how many times i try.

      The Question is how can this problem fix?

      Anyone has faced it before?


      Your help would be much appreciated!

      Thank you.



      Best Regards,

      Eric, Lim