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    Intel Baytrail tablet - how to get updated BIOS and Android

    JJohnson Community Member

      I have 30 Intel Baytrail tablets for a project. They are Intel tablets (made for Intel by ECS) model TA70CA2. Neither Intel nor ECS has wanted to support them. Sadly I bought 30 of them.


      I need to know the following things:

      1. How do I enter the BIOS setup? I have a USB OTG hub with keyboard attached. Can't access a BIOS setup screen.
      2. How can I get an updated BIOS flashed to these tablets. 2014 is when the BIOS on these tablets was created.
      3. How can I boot/install an updated Android or install an updated Android. So much Android development is ARM, impossible find ROMs for these Baytrail IA tablets.


      Thanks to all who respond.