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    E3800 PCIE_CLK Pin Package Length

    LeicaErik Community Member

      I'm checking some pin length input in our design libraries but can't find a clear package length definition for the PCIE_CLKN[x] and PCIE_CLKP[x] pins on the E3800 processors.

      Using the "Bay_Trail_I_TLC_Rev2.7.xlsx" file within "523692_523692_Rev_2.7_Bay_Trail_I_TLC.zip" only shows the following pins:


      Signal namePackage length (mils)Conductor length (microns)




      These are not actually pins/balls on the package. Should the PCIE_REF_CLKN value be used for all PCIE_CLKN[x] pins and PCIE_REFCLKP for all PCIE_CLKP[x] pins?

      It does not make sense that they would all be the same.


      Thanks in Advance,