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    issue on flash erase/write via I210

    BoLing Community Member

      The scenario is like this: I am trying to do read/write test on some unused part of the flash (S25FL032P0XMF1011) that connects to I210. The flash is 32Mb(4MB), so the address space is 0-0x3fffff.


      According to the figure 3-3 of I210 data sheet, the FLASH mode can access the upper part (like 0x200000-0x3fffff) so I chose this mode to access the flash.




      my access is following The read from flash looks OK but I cannot do erase and write:


      for erase, after I see the DONE bit of FLSWCTL is set, I read from the sector and the values do not change to all FFs so I believe the erase failed. (in this case CMDV bit is set so the operation is allowed)


      for write, I tried to write even erase not work, the CMDV bit is cleared so this operation is considered “Not Allowed”.


      Current question is:


      1.      from FLSWCTL definition in 8.4.36, the “erase “(cmd 0010b)  should be applied on un-secured sectors and the upper 2MB does not look like secured elsewhere.


      2.      Why CMDV is set for write operation? Is it due to sector no erased or the area protected/secured? If so how can we disable the protect?


      3.      If this erase/write issue is caused by the write protect of FLASH, how to write WREN command to FLASH?  3.3.1 only mentioned WREN must be supported but I do not see how this command is written. The 8.4.8 FLASHOP register seems only used to define erase instrunction.




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          Hello, BoLing:


          Thank you for contacting Intel Embedded Community.


          In order to be on the same page, we would like to address the following questions:


          Could you please let us know all the details of the process that you are using to determine these situations? Please do not hesitate to include name of tools and their manufacturers,


          Could you please tell us if this situation happens with any of the devices listed in section 11.8, on pages 793, 794, and 795 of the Intel(R) Ethernet Controller I210 Datasheet document # 333016? In case that you ignore the answer, please reproduce the situation, and let us know the results in a detailed way.


          Could you please let us know if the affected project has been developed by you or a third party company? In case that it is a third party device, could you please give us all the information related to it. In case that it has been designed by you, could you please let us know the documents or information that you have used to develop it? By the way, could you please tell us if it has been reviewed by Intel?


          Please let us all the information that should answer the previous questions.


          We really appreciate your cooperation to solve this inconvenience.


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