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    How o use I2C controller at Atom E8345

    Denis_tTitan Community Member

      We have EQM-BYT2 QSeven Module with E3845 processor and the REV-Q703 board from Avalue Technology Inc. I have Windows7 64bit installed on my external HDD. I amdownloading a driver for the I2C controller from the Intel website and installing it (Win7 IO Drivers version: or BSP v4.0). I developed software to access the I2C controller in accordance with Software Developers Manual for Windows 7 IO Driver.pdf, Section 3.

      However, the GetOverlappedResult function returns the 0x01F error. When I examined the bus with an oscilloscope, I saw no information exchange signals.

      Could anybody provide us necessary assistance with the I2C controller? It can be any relevant documentation or code samples which will help us manage the controller.

      Best regards!