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    I210 controller is not working, if we set other than Auto-negotiation in the controller side

    sumitkumarpaul Green Belt



      I have observed that the driver is not working, if we set something other1than Auto-Negotiation in the board side (I.e. 100-Half, 10-Full etc.).

      I am working with I210's internal PHY.


      The sequence for setting some speed/duplexity in PHY is mentioned in section PHY Reset of the data sheet.
      I have found that all other steps are OK, but setp 7"Wait for the CFG_DONE bit (EEMNGCTL.CFG_DONE0)." not OK. This bit is never getting set.

      I have tried to perform some delay(around 100ms) instead of step 7, and rest of the sequence as sequence PHY Reset. In that case, the driver worked properly in 100/Full case.


      Could anyone help in this matter.


      Please note I have checked this with another different board(that means another type of target board,not the another copy of same type board). And have not faced this problem.


      Thanks and Regards,

      Sumit Kumar Paul