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    Harcuvar (Denverton processor)  - spsFPT / Intel ME FW kit location

    Selensky Community Member

      I need to update FW BIOS of Harcuvar EDK platform. I already have access to the updated BIOS file (HVLRCRB.86B.B.64.2017. Reading the "Harcuvar Platform CRB User Guide rev 2.3" and the document "Denverton SoC Product Family SPI Flash Programming" I see that I also need an updated flash programming tool (FPT) which is part of Intel ME FW Kit.



      However I cannot find the Intel ME Firmware kit for Harrisonville (Cormorant Lake). I checked https://platformsw.intel.com and also alll the collateral available for Denverton/Denverton-NS (https://tigris.intel.com/scripts-edk/viewer/UI_UpdateDesignKits.asp?edkID=11381&ProdID=45343&CatID=0). Could anyone advise the correct place to find the Intel ME FW Kit including spsFPT.efi tool?