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    BIOS upgrade issue in GLK

    CTLin Community Member


      I download BIOS image #571539 "Gemini Lake Platform Reference Board BIOS Image Revision 45.4.01" from Intel Electronic Design Kit.

      My target device is GLK RVP2, so I select file(\IFWI\RVP2_PROD\BtG2_VM_SPIDtpm_PROD\GLK_NR02_B0B0-NNNN_CPSF_SNS2_000080_2017WW45.4.01_NN.bin) for BIOS upgrade.

      After I use Dediprog to flash, the RVP2 can't boot up successfully which is without any screen output and the port-80 is always 0000.

      However, I can recovery the RVP2 by flashing the default BIOS image which is cloned from other's RVP2.

      Did I miss some necessary steps?