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    Baytrail FSP?... post code 0x2a

    RTS_JT Green Belt

      Dear embedded communities support group:


      I am trying to make a bootloader implementation based on MinnowMax Coreboot firmware; and I am wondering if it is possible to get from you a list of post codes for Baytrail I FSP 1.0.

      This will help me much in the debug / development of my own Coreboot bootloader.


      I am getting 0x2a post code on port 80

      I am using FSP Gold 4 Kit.


      My system:

      Baytrail I E3845 with 4GB of ECC memory down.


      This is our own design and works perfectly with the original AMI BIOS (full functionality).


      I already reviewed the full coreboot source code to try to locate the 0x2a post code but I cannot find it, so my guess is this post code could be originated from FSP .


      Anybody can help me with this?...... I will be very grateful.


      Thank You