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    Reg. I210 ethernet controller - working

    abhik Community Member



      I am using Intel I210 ethernet controller P/n:WGI210IT.


      The IC is programmed using eeupdate tool with iNVM image and is working perfectly at positive temperature(above 0 degC) checked up to +55C


      But the IC is not working(not even getting detected as a pci device in linux with lspci; also checked with lanconf tool, it is not showing the adapter) at -ve temperatures.

      The marking on the IC shows that it is an industrial grade part. All other components used in the design are rated for -40 to 85C.


      Please help me in resolving this issue

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          Carlos_A Brown Belt

          Hello, abhik:


          Thank you for contacting Intel Embedded Community.


          In order to be on the same page, could you please tell us if the design has been developed by you or a third party company? In case that it is a third party design, could you please give us all the information related to it? If it has been developed by you, could you please let us know if it has been reviewed by Intel? By the way, could you please inform us know how many units have been manufactured? How many are failing? What is the failure rate? Also, could you please clarify us if you have made any modification to your design and let us know them in a detailed way? 


          Waiting for your reply with the information that should answer these questions.


          Best regards,


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              abhik Community Member

              Hi Carlos A,


              Thank you for response


              1. The design is developed by us.

              2. Design is not reviewed by intel. But we followed the schematic and layout recommendations provided by intel in the douments.

              3. As a prototype we manufactured 4 boards and each board contains two i210 IC's. We have tested only one board.

                   The ICs are working when the board is brought from +10C temperature to -10C temperature, but is not getting detected when

                    board is brought from -30C temperature to -10C