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    Building BIOS for APL

    engicam Community Member


      I'm trying to build a BIOS for Apollo Lake starting from Minnowboard3 UEFI.

      I followed step by step the release note :



      The building process stops with the followng error:



      Generate Region at Offset 0x316000

         Region Size = 0x1000

         Region Name = FV


      Generating FVIBBL FV

      #Return Value = 2


      GenFv: ERROR 0006: invalid FFS file header checksum


      Ffs file with Guid 4582C779-6685-6A33-E8F7-8F09FDAA0100

      G: error 7000: Failed to generate FV

      enFv: ERROR 3000: Invalid


        could not find the SEC core file in the FV.

      GenFv: ERROR 3000: Invalid

        Could not update the reset vector.


      ### ['GenFv', '-a', 'c:\\apl-workspace\\edk2-platforms\\Build\\BroxtonPlatformPkg\\RELEASE_VS2013x86\\FV\\Ffs\\FVIBBL.inf', '-o', 'c:\\apl-workspace\\edk2-platforms\\Build\\BroxtonPlatformPkg\\RELEASE_VS2013x86\\FV\\FVIBBL.Fv', '-i', 'c:\\apl-workspace\\edk2-platforms\\Build\\BroxtonPlatformPkg\\RELEASE_VS2013x86\\FV\\FVIBBL.inf']



      : error 7000: Failed to execute command

              GenFds -f c:\apl-workspace\edk2-platforms\Platform\BroxtonPlatformPkg\PlatformPkg.fdf --conf=c:\apl-workspace\edk2-platforms\conf -o c:\apl-workspace\edk2-platforms\Build\BroxtonPlatformPkg\RELEASE_VS2013x86 -t VS2013x86 -b RELEASE -p c:\apl-workspace\edk2-platforms\Platform\BroxtonPlatformPkg\PlatformPkgIA32.dsc -a IA32  -D "EFI_SOURCE=c:\\apl-workspace\\edk2-platforms"  -D "EDK_SOURCE=c:\\apl-workspace\\edk2-platforms"  -D "TOOL_CHAIN_TAG=VS2013x86"  -D "TOOLCHAIN=VS2013x86"  -D "TARGET=RELEASE"  -D "FAMILY=MSFT"  -D "WORKSPACE=c:\\apl-workspace\\edk2-platforms"  -D "EDK_TOOLS_PATH=c:\\apl-workspace\\edk2-platforms\\basetools"  -D "ARCH=IA32"  -D "ECP_SOURCE=c:\\apl-workspace\\edk2-platforms\\edkcompatibilitypkg" [C:\apl-workspace\edk2-platforms]


      - Failed -

      Build end time: 08:40:31, Dec.15 2017

      Build total time: 00:03:02


      -- Error:  EDKII BIOS Build has failed

      See EDK2.log for more details

      15/12/2017   8:40:31,80

      echo  -- Error Building BIOS


      I tried some times to set up the environment tool from scratch... but nothing change.

      Can you please help me to understand my mistake?

      Thanks alot for your support

      Kind regards,