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    Skylake FSP 1.1 POST codes and debug

    Zv_mike Green Belt


      I'm trying to execute FSP 1.1 for Skylake (inside Coreboot) and got some problems with RamInit call. I'm fill UpdParams and calling RamInit - but system halted inside this function. Also I'm using LPC PORT80 card, and have some undetermined codes - perhaps it generated inside FPS RamInit function. Codes are: 0x27, 0x29, 0x4c, 0xff. May be have another codes, but my PORT80 card saves only 4 last values.


      I can't find any description of this codes in Intel official documentation - so I need help with this.


      Also, have another question about Skylake FSP. Can I use FSP with desctop Skylake? What RCOMP values must be used for DDR4 DRAM (in platform design guide this values not present)?