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    Intel Gordon Peak [Hypervisor] [ACPI support]

    sriniadiraju Community Member



      We are working on Intel Gordon Peak board, on trying to boot the guest OS from QNX hypervisor we get


      "No ACPI tables found for remapping 0:2.0"


      The ABL version that I'm running on the board is that of 1750, is there any flag to be enabled for the ACPI support


      TA# is H71958-500

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          Carlos_A Brown Belt

          Hello, sriniadiraju:


          Thank you for contacting Intel Embedded Community.


          In order to be on the same page, we would like to address the following questions:


          Could you please tell us if these consultations are related to your own design or a third party design? In case that it is a third party design, could you please give us all the information related to it? In case that it is your own design, could you please inform us if the cited can be replicated using any of the following Operating Systems (OS)?


          - Windows* 10 Enterprise (64-bit)

          - Windows 10 IoT Core (32/64-bit)

          - Wind River 8 Linux distribution (64-bit)

          - Yocto Project* BSP tool-based embedded Linux distribution (64-bit)

          - Android (64-bit) Marshmallow PV April 17

          - Android O PV Target Q3 ’17

          - Wind River VxWorks* 7


          Waiting for all the information that should answer our questions.


          Best regards,