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    Serial RX/TX Windows10 UartSub Device configuration

    MaxTGPC Community Member



      We have a Product using Apollo Lake Atom CPU (E3930/E3950) and Windows 10.

      Port COM in Device Manager is UartSub Device (COM1). On Intel(R) Serial IO UART Host Controller - 5AC0.


      We can launch the connection with ExtraPutty to another device configuring 112500/8/2/None/None (DTR/RTS Disable).

      Impossible to start the connection from another Software (tried Putty and MobaXterm).


      Our customer is creating is end software application c# application using standard .net 4.6 serial class and need to setup correctly the serial port.


      1. Why we can use only ExtraPutty to start the connection?

      2. How can my customer program his application and what are the settings he needs to use?