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    FSP for Skylake (E3-1500 v5 and 6th Gen)

    pietrushnic Green Belt

      Hi all,

      I checked FSP released on GitHub almost 2 years ago and in Release Notes I see that it say:


      This Intel® Firmware Support Package (Intel® FSP) release is specifically targeted for 6 th

      Generation Intel® CoreTM Processor code-named SkyLake, SKL H Xeon® E3-1505L and



      I assume that whole E3-1500 v5 family also would be supported with this FSP, is that correct ?

      Also there is no word about embedded line of i7, does this FSP support also i7 processors ?


      Release notes also say nothing about chipset. If I understand correctly i7 6th Gen works with 100 Series Chipsets and Xeon E3-1500 v5 with

      CM230 Series Chipsets. Does released FSP cover any support for chipsets or this is purely for processor ?