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    Broadwell-DE support for MACsec?

    wteasdale Community Member

      We have a design that will use a COMe Type 7 with Broadwell-DE processor (EG: D-1559).


      Based on experience, I believe using software AES256 or software MACsec implementation would not be possible at more than around 2Gbps, as this would be the limitation of any one core of this processor.



      I would like to provide hardware based MACsec on 2 x 10G fibre interfaces (SFP+), such that the encryption is offloaded to the PHY to free up the CPU.


      Table 9-3 of DOC 543448 Rev 2.2 lists PHYs supported by the 10G integrated Ethernet controllers of the D-1500 SOC, however the Inphy CS4227 PHY recommended does not provide MACsec.


      Does Intel have any plans to support a MACsec enabled fibre PHY?


      We are considering Microsemi PHY's for this purpose. Example PN: VSC8254

           Is there any reason a Microsemi PHY will not work with the Broadwell-DE 10G Ethernet Controllers?


      Our operating system is Fedora 27 (Linux) based.