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    Core M3 6Y30 - Linux - USB Dual Role / OTG

    YannickGouez Community Member



      I am currently working on the Compute stick ( Core M3-6Y30 ) under Linux 4.9.9 and I'm trying to make it work as an USB Gadget.

      I've been looking for information about how to achieve this and found the following :


      • According to the I/O Datasheet for the Core M3-6Y30, the USB 3.0 ports should be able of acting in device mode thanks to the Dual Mode functionality.
      • According to the following discussion on Google Groups,  a patch to support this functionality has been implemented by Intel but never included in the mainstream kernel.
      • According to this : https://lists.yoctoproject.org/pipermail/linux-yocto/2016-July/005741.html the same patch has been implemented into Yocto.


      So my question are :

      - is the main USB port on the Compute Stick mapped to the USB Dual Role capable port ( port 1 ) ?

      - Can I achieve switching to device mode under Linux without applying the patch ?

      - If I was to apply this patch, what would be the procedure to switch to device mode ?

      - Is switching to device mode supported in Yocto ? What's the procedure ?