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    Where and how can i get Pentium 5005's Altium Footprints?

    madscientist132 Community Member

      Hello Everyone

      I am a non professional hardware and software developer, just trying to get it better.

      I am trying to develop a small single board computer, using pentium 5005 and the ic's it may depend on, but i am unable to get the footprints so i can

      add them in Altium and compile a library. That is why i would like to ask if there is a manner of having access to those files, so i could

      develop this board.


      Please have in mind this is non profit hardware, i have an older board i did, but i'm not able to tell if there is one ever working somewhere in the world.

      Should you have the will of learning about my work on open hardware, please visit this, i actually try to update this old project keeping the parts that can be kept.


      temporaryuser132 (Wakame Board) · GitHub


      Just let me thank you for your suppport.