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    Ethernet Compliance Test I210-AT 10Base-T/100Base-TX

    Andrija Community Member



      I want to run Ethernet Compliance Tests 10/100Mbps with I210-AT.

      Are there any information available? I can not find anything in the datasheet.

      E.g. create 100Mbps MLT-3 Random Test Pattern.


      I can only find Test Mode Register Bits (15:13) in 1000Base-T Control Register (Page 0, Register 9) for Gigabit.


      What is the purpose of 100 MB test select bits 3:2 of Copper Specific Control Register 3 - Page 0, Register 23 ?

      What can I do with the PRBS Control - Page 26, Register 23 ?


      Thanks for your help


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          Carlos_A Brown Belt

          Hello, Andrija :


          Thank you for contacting Intel Embedded Community.


          The information that may help you is stated in sections,,, 8.2.1, 8.17.2, 8.25.12,,,, and; Figure 3-16, and Table 10-21; on pages 115, 147, 378, 479, 480, 548, 553, 556, 557, 563, 114, and 673 of the Intel(R) Ethernet Controller I210 Datasheet document # 333016.


          We hope that this information may help you.


          Best regards,


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              celinel Community Member

              Hello Carlos,


              I work also with the i210 component and I search to perform the ethernet compliant test to 10/100BASE-T too. I've just subscribe myself in when I saw your post.

              I looked at the chapters you refered to in your reply, but it's still not clear to me how to enable a test mode pattern generation.

              I found inside the datasheet "12.5.7 Physical Layer Conformance Testing"  that for "Output Amplitude, Rise and Fall Time (10/100 Mb/s), Symmetry and Droop (1 GbE). For the I210,

              use the appropriate PHY test waveform."

              Where are the  "test waveform" for the 10/100 Mb/s? it's not described inside this datasheet. Should we generate them outside of the component? there is only a Test mode for the 1000BASE-T, do the component have a similary mode for the speed lower?


              I have another component on my product which use a TI PHY -DP38xx, and they have a document which explains how to configure the component for conformance testing, do you have something close to this document ? (http://www.ti.com/lit/an/snla239a/snla239a.pdf )


              For the testing tools we have a Teledyne/Lecroy automated Ethernet test suite on which we directly plug our DUT and run the conformance test.


              Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.