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    Baytrail + coreboot + Tianocore information request.

    RTS_JT Green Belt

      This request was intended for the Intel's Firmware support team but

      they never replied to my requests from months ago neither this one, not even

      an automated confirmation reply.


      So, I hope anyone of you can help me or redirect me to someone else (who really can do that).

      This is the letter I sent to them:


      Dear Firmware support team:


      Actually I am interested in creating a full featured firmware based in coreboot + tianocore.

      The coreboot initialization stage is almost ready.

      My system is based on SOC Baytrail E3845


      I am already running tianocore but I would like to configure it properly.

      I am would like to learn how to make tianocore to:

      1.- Save the boot (and other) settings to NVS or CMOS.

      2.- Scan for bootable partitions and USB drives.

      3.- To get the ability to do secure boot.

      4.- How to handle hardware TPM

      5.- To create applications.

      6.- If possible to also learn how to add a CSM module to be able to boot Legacy partitions.


      This information is scarce and confusing on the internet and this is why I need help.

      I use Linux Fedora but also can use Windows.


      Please give me guidance on those issues or/and point me to the right literature/information.

      I already have privileged account with intel.

      Thank you in advance.