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    Atom x5-E8000 i2c

    MarcoV Community Member

      Hello Guys,


      I'm working with a SMARC Sytem on Module supplied by ADLINK (SMARC Modules,  SMARC Short Size Modules, SMARC Full Size Modules, SMARC Extreme Rugged Versions - ADLINK Technology - A… ), featuring the Atom(TM) x5-E8000 processor.


      No matter what i try, i cannot make all the I2C busses work (there should be 4, according to the vendor).


      The i2cdetect gives me the following output


      i2c-3  i2c      i915 gmbus panel                        I2C adapter
      i2c-1  i2c      i915 gmbus ssc                             I2C adapter
      i2c-8  i2c      DPDDC-B                        I2C adapter
      i2c-6  i2c      i915 gmbus dpd                           I2C adapter
      i2c-4  i2c      i915 gmbus dpc                            I2C adapter
      i2c-2  i2c      i915 gmbus vga                            I2C adapter
      i2c-0  smbus              SMBus I801 adapter at f040    SMBus adapter
      i2c-9  i2c      DPDDC-D                        I2C adapter
      i2c-7  i2c      DPDDC-C                        I2C adapter
      i2c-5  i2c      i915 gmbus dpb                           I2C adapter


      from what I real those should all be relate to graphic adapters, the processors resources are not listed.


      After some research i found that those soc feature something called Serial IO, but it's unclear to me if it need to be configured somehow, and if it need a patched linux kernel to work (I tried mainline  4.15 and 4.9).


      Is there any resource i can look at to understand better?

      Is the datasheet of the Atom x5-E8000 available? (I can have an NDA signed if needed).


      Thanks a lot,