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    PXA27x Processor failed by temperature

    SpaceMachine Community Member

      Hello together,


      we still using the pxa27x processor at 624 MHz in our plattform. We use the RTPXA270C5C624 (stepping C5).


      Our firmware failes when the surrounding temperature rises.


      The case temperature of the pxa27x processor is 71°C. When we are cooling down the processor with help of a peltier element, the plattfrom doesn't fail.


      We apply a VCC_Core Voltage of 1,56V in the regular plattform, which is inside the spec.


      When i'm increasing the vcc_core voltage to 1,62V, the plattform doesn't fail too, also when no peltier element is build in as a cooling device.


      So i read  in the Intel PXA27x Processor Developer's Kit, that there was a issue with the vcc_core voltage in the RTPXA270C0C624  processor with the stepping C0.


      Is there still an issue with the vcc_core voltage in the RTPXA270C5624 processor with the stepping C5?


      Kind regards