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    Coreboot boot up on Serial port

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      We would like to boot up the coreboot image in serial console. Our custom board contains a super I/O NCT5104D. We have done the below changes to enable the super I/O for our custom board. But no luck.


      • Added the below code line in \coreboot\src\mainboard\intel\leafhill\romstage.c

            #define SERIAL_DEV PNP_DEV(0x4E, NCT5104D_SP1)


                   nuvoton_enable_serial(SERIAL_DEV, CONFIG_TTYS0_BASE)


      • Added the PCI and IRQ details under device pci 1f.0 on # - LPC bridge in \coreboot\src\mainboard\intel\leafhill\devicetree.cb
      • Selected “SUPERIO_NUVOTON_NCT5104D” under BOARD_SPECIFIC_OPTIONS in \coreboot\src\mainboard\intel\leafhill\Kconfig
      • Default console log level as 6 in \coreboot\src\console\Kconfig


      Please advise if we are missing anything.

      Please mention the serial console related configurations to be done in menuconfig.