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    82580 Transceiver 4 ports set to different types of interfaces

    divram Community Member


      I'd like to set port 1 on my 82580 in 1000base-BX mode and the remaining 3 ports in SGMII mode. In my current hardware, I have wired the LAN0 MDC/MDIO lines to the PHYs. LAN0 is a 1000 base BX connection to a back plane. If I use Intel's pre-configured EEPROM files and manipulate them I am unable to get the configuration I want to work. Right now I have a test set up with the dual version of the 82580 and if I set both ports to 1000 base BX or both to SGMII then they work in two test set ups I have. I am unable to get it to work if I set one to 1000 base BX and the other to SGMII.


      My final configuration will use a quad where first port is 1000base-BX and the remaining three SGMII.


      Is there an EEPROM build with first port set to 1000base-BX and the remaining three in SGMII. I also need the MDC/MDIO access from LAN0 port to access the 3 PHYs.