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    i210  Device off function issue

    wupatrick Community Member

      Hello Intel,


      I used i210 device off function, and look datasheet 6.2.19 bit15 setting to 1b.

      So I change value B200 at address 0x1E.


      And circuit used jumper JP_LAN2 setting pin.28

      Then have two setting

      1. 1-2 : Enable Lan i210

      2. 2-3 : Disable Lan i210



      Test jumper JP_LAN2, and setting 1-2 then power on.

      It can see i210 operation under windows 10.

      Test finish, shunt down windows.

      I will setting 2-3 at JP_LAN2. => Power on => But still can see i210 operation under windows.

      I need disable i210 after shunt down windows again.


      What does mistake in circut or i210 code ?

      Best regards,