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    Coreboot for Apollolake

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      We would like to build coreboot image for Apollo lake platform. We are using

      • Coreboot-4.8.1
      • Apollo lake Intel FSP_2_0


      We have built the coreboot source and created coreboot.rom image with the below warning message:

      ** WARNING **

      coreboot will be built without an Intel Firmware Descriptor.

      Never write a complete coreboot.rom without an IFD to your

      board's flash chip! You can use flashrom's IFD or layout

      parameters to flash only to the BIOS region.


      Is the coreboot.rom image is enough to flash ? Could you please provide feedback on this ?


      Could you please share "Apollo_Lake_Coreboot_MR5_Release_Notes.pdf" ?