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    How to create a coreboot boot loader for a Juniper Hill CRB?

    jieli4 Community Member



      I have an Oxbow Hill CRB and a Juniper Hill CRB,

      and I created a coreboot boot loader (SPI Flash Image) with Intel's Reference Proof of Concept Coreboot for Apollo Lake (566288).


      The release notes of says 566288 "This release supports the Leaf Hill, Oxbow Hill, and Juniper Hill CRBs with Apollo Lake SoC."


      However, after writing the boot loader to the SPI Flash of the two CRBs,I found the Juniper Hill CRB doesn't boot.

      (BTW, the Oxbow Hill CRB can successfully boot.)


      I also tried with the prebuilt binary of 566288 (coreboot.release.SPI.BxEx.Lin.bin) , but the same result as above.


      Any one can help me?