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    FH8065301487717 SR3UT

    Xerox_Dundalk Community Member

      I need to purchase FH8065301487717 SR3UT, but I only see stock available for FH8065301487717 SR1X6

      The following web site lists the different versions



      My question is:

      What is the difference between the SR3UT and SR1X6 versions.

      Can I use FH8065301487717 SR1X6 in place of FH8065301487717 SR3UT?

      The CPU will be soldered onto one of our custom designed Xerox circuit boards.


      I was directed to this forum by Intel when after a raised Service request 03656171


      Thanks in advance


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          Carlos_A Brown Belt

          Hello, Xerox_Dundalk :


          Thank you for contacting Intel Embedded Community.


          The difference between these devices is the steeping and are compatible. This information can be confirmed in the ordering and spec information section of the website that you have provided as you may notice in the yellow-highlighted information at the following screenshot:



          We hope that this information may help you.


          Best regards,

          Carlos_A .

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              Xerox_Dundalk Community Member

              Thankyou for the information Carlos A,


              Typically, when an integrated circuit manufacturer such as Intel or AMD invests money to do a stepping (i.e. a revision to the masks), they have found bugs in the logic, have made improvements to the design that allow for faster processing, have found a way to increase yield or improve the "bin splits" (i.e., create faster transistors and hence faster CPUs), improve maneuverability to more easily identify marginal circuits, or reduce test time which can reduce the cost of testing the part.


              In this case the stepping of the two parts are:

                    • FH8065301487717    SR1X6     D0
                    • FH8065301487717    SR3UT     D1


              I would like to use D0   in place of D1,   it turns out there is a change (VLI89)