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    Access Intel Serial IO I2C ES controller...

    Tonie Community Member

      We add a DS1371 which is a I2C slave device.

      Our system is Windows 10.

      On our system, this device should be connected to Intel Serial IO I2C ES controller.

      As I know, the host controller should enumerate all slave devices and then assign a list of hardware IDs for those device.

      But I cannot see it in device manager.


      My questions are then :

      1. Should BIOS create one in DSDT/SSDT ? then OS (Windows) can see it ?
      2. Is there any I2C tool I can use to verify if the slave device can be communicated via I2C ? (Windows 10)

      Please be noted that DS1371 doesn't have any driver for Windows 10.

      That is the reason I need your help to access I2C if I can.