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    I210-IS SGMII interface Custom Software

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      We are finishing a new design with I210-IS chip,  Marvell 88E6390 chip,  and Yocto Linux BSP.

      The connection between the two chips is done using SGMII link on port 9 of the Marvell Switch.

      The MDIO bus available on the I210-IS will also be used to control/manage the Marvell Switch.


      Intel documents (such as Check-List)  make mention of this: "When using SGMII, standard Intel software is setup to operate with the Marvell* 88E1111.  Custom software is required for operation with other SGMII devices."


      My questions :


      Does this Custom software is a special NVM image to be flashed in the EEPROM of the I210?


      Does this Custom software is the standard Linux driver with a custom patch?


      In any case, Is it possible to get this Custom Software?


      Thanks in advance


      Best Regards