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    The Tool Loaner Program is available to assist in validation

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      The Embedded & Communications Group provides hardware tools on a loan basis to qualified customers to help validate a board design. The url is http://edc.intel.com/Platforms/Tool-Loaner-Program/. For customers working with one of the supported platforms, this page is worth checking out, and ordering tools is a simple process. The tools included in the program at this time enable voltage measurements at the processor socket and DIMM slots, margining of the FSB and memory bus, thermal test solutions, and signal quality measurements for PCI Express.


      The most popular tool so far has been the CPU Voltage Regulator Test Tool (CPU VRTT). The tool is accompanied by a loadline calculator and guide explaining how to take the measurements. It gives the engineer a graphical view of the loadline to evaluate the voltage regulator compliance.


      The Memory Voltage Regulator Test Tool (Memory VRTT) also allows the engineer to take voltage measurements, but because of the variation in implementations and requirements for memory solutions, an analysis tool or calculator is not provided. The tool is inserted into the DIMM slot and allows the engineer to apply various loads and measure the voltage at the connector.


      There are videos available explaining the use of the Thermal Test Vehicle (TTV) and the USB-controlled Voltage Margining Card (UVMC) that give a good idea of the usefulness and test methods for the tools. They can be viewed on the TTV and UVMC tool description pages.


      Keep this program in mind during your test phase. The loans are free for qualified customers and require only the cost of return shipping to Intel.