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    Hello; How to start [with Atom] ??

    Felix_M BlackBelt

      The following message is re-posted on behalf of a recent visitor to our community named Khaled.  Somehow Khaled's message went astray while we were migrating our forum to a new infrastructure platform, but we found it and here it is: 




      I have some experience with different mcus (PIC,AVR,ARM,  etc) using c and assembley.

      After seeing a copy of

      your embedded innovator. I was excited by your new offer Intel Atom core.

      I want to know more TECHNICAL informations.

      Where are the manuals, your assemblers, compilers.

      Are there any hardware boards available for demos and so on.

      I am interested about embedded applications for automations and communications.

      How to start?

      How can you help me in training and building applications?