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    New ToolSuite for Linux Development on Atom.


      My colleagues in the Software and Solutions Group at Intel have just launched their public tools beta in conjunction with the Moblin 2 beta


      Intel(R) Application Software Development Tool Suite 2.0 BETA for Intel(R) Atom(TM) Processor. 




      This is the public tool suite Beta for ISVs with the latest Linux* targeted DPD tools components for Menlow, Diamondville and Canmore.


      What's new?
      • Support for a wide range of Intel® Atom™ Processor based devices including MIDs, Embedded devices, consumer electronics devices, and netbooks.
      • Provides seamless integration into Moblin Image Creator (MIC2) plus automated installation from within Moblin Image Creator.
      • Supports latest host and operating systems for Moblin 2.0 pre-release for Netbooks, Midinux 2.0 SP3.
      • Enhanced compiler optimization features for Intel® Atom™ Processor, provides higher performance, improved CPU resource usage, and better power consumption.