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    X18-M SSD Mounting Arrangement.

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      I want to mount an X18-M 1.8" SSD on a custom CPU board.

      I would like to get information on a suitable mating connector and frame to retain the drive.

      The 2.5" version has 4 mounting holes for screws, but the 1.8" part seems to have none.

      There must be some kind of docking connector/frame for use in Netbook applications ?





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          Hi richardr:


          Welcome to the Intel® Embedded Design Center Community. 


          Let's see if someone from the community can help you.  


          In the meantime, it appears to me that the Intel X18-M SSD conforms to the standard SATA 1.8 inch form factor and you should therefore be able to mount it the same way as any 1.8 inch HD.  Have you already tried your source for mounting brackets and such?