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      I want to use DDR3 ECC SO-DIMM for Calpella+ECC platform.

      However, it is not JEDEC Standard but Draft.


      Are there other manufacturers that makes it, though I found it on Virtium Technology.

      or, what manufacturer does Intel validate it with?


      Thank You and best Regards,

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          Hi twata:


          Welcome to the Intel® Embedded Design Center community.   Let's make sure you are in the right place to get your question answered.   This community is focused on embedded products.  You mention that you are using Calpella platform which I believe is consumer laptop ?   Can you please clarify your environment.


          Also I noticed in your user profile that your company is an authorized Intel distributor.  Have you already asked the question to your Intel support representative?





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              Dear Felix-san.


              Thank you for your response.

              It is ECG opportunity. not Consumer.

              Our customer is interested in Calpella platform for embedded system.


              and, I have already asked it to IJKK.

              IJKK said that it is not Intel's responsibility, and Intel only validated ECC with Desktop DIMM.

              Our customer is planning to design the board with COM-express Form Factor.

              It cannot mount Desktop DIMM.

              We are looking for the information about SO-DIMM.