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    IOP81341 DDR2 533MHz 512MByte low read speed issue

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      Hi All:

             1) I don't know the current status about this soc.

      It seems nobody answer something related with memory performance on iop34x.

      I am not sure these is right place to discuss about iop34x memory performance.

             2) I dumpped the setting of DMCU: DDR2 memory controller 

      SDCR0 = 0x42242391

      SDCR1 = 0x142146B7

      SBSR  =  0x20000A04 

      DMPTCR = 0x111110

      DMPCR = 0x00

         The test DIMM DDR2 device is 64bit data width.

          In theory, the peak performance shoud be about 4G bytes/s.

         But I just get the test result by ramspeed. 160Mbytes/s

                 the customized test tool has 110Mbytes/s.

      Best Regards