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    852 Chipset - Win CE 6.0

    Green Belt

      I have a mainboard which uses the Intel 852 chipset. I need a Win CE 6.0 driver and so I have downloaded and installed 'IEGD_8_0_2_Gold_1147' and created an installation.


      How do I port this into my Win CE 6.0 Platform Builder so that I can integrate it into my build?


      Is there anybody who has already created a driver which supports both VGA and LVDS and is able to provide the driver to integrate into my Platform Builder?



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          Felix_M BlackBelt

          Hi CKSGLOBAL:


          Welcome to the Intel® Embedded Community.   It might help get an answer if you could say which Intel processor you are using?




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            Kirk Brown Belt

            The 852 is an extremely old chipset and support for it ended a few years back.  What we have is what we have and there is not anything newer.  There is not any WCE 6.0 support in the 8.0 driver on that old of a chipset.


            If you can backrev to a WCE that was active at the time the chipset was active, then you will have a chance of getting it going.


            LVDS support is specific to the LVDS panel that you are using.  You will need to create the platform.reg with the appropriate IEGD driver support items in it.


            As for how to use it, have you read the Users Guide included in the documents folder?  It contains a section on WCE use.


            IEGD configuration and use is really designed for OEMs and those developing platforms, not end users per se.  It needs a lot of intimate knowledge of the hardware in use as there are quite a few options that are specific to particular hardware and uses.


            Hope this helps...