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    d945gsejt BIOS - LVDS-bug

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      Hi, I have a d945gsejt board and a LVDS-display without EDID.


      If I configure the advanced BIOS (with Intel iToolkit and token) I can change the timings values on the BIOS. Unfortunately it has no effect and the LVDS-output is empty... NO SIGNAL AT ALL!


      If I add a PIC with my EDID info, it works.


      Hope someone can give a look to the BIOS and see why the manual mode doesn't work on it!



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          Felix_M BlackBelt


          Hi Ariano:


          Welcome to the Intel® Embedded Community.   Normally the D945GSEJT motherboard is associated with desktop computers.   The Embedded Community if focused on embedded applications.   If you could you say what type of system you are building with the D945GSEJT, we can make sure you get to the right place for an answer to your question.




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              Hi Felix,

              sorry... I was thinking this board is also for hardwares...

              I use Windows XPEmbedded. But the problem is that I can't see any signal on the LVDS even if the BIOS support it. It works with an EDID-display or with a predefined type. But I insert the values manually it doesn't work.


              It is not releated to a System...